we get it. converting a van can incredibly overwhelming. between different vans, components, layouts and even builders to choose from, the choices are seemingly endless. then AFTER ALL OF THAT, you have to build the DANG thing! whether you're A DIY VAN LIFER WORKING ON YOUR RIG, OR looking at haven vANS AS THE BUILDER FOR YOUR NEXT PROJECT OR DREAM VAN, we're here to help!  check below for a faq list, and check back soon for regularly updated tutorials, blogs and other helpful stuff!


Q: How does your process work?
A: First you need a van, then you can either select from one of our premade layouts and customize to your liking or go full custom. Once your order has been submitted, we will require a non-refundable deposit of $1000 to hold your place in the calendar and ensure that any pre-production work we do before starting your van (there's alot) is covered. Once your van shows up in our shop, 50% is due and we get to work! Another 50% is due on pickup day and you get to drive off in your new dream home.

Q: How long does it take to build my van?
A: Generally 8-12 weeks, but custom builds and other specific high end projects could exceed that.

Q: Can you help me design my van?
A: Of course! We collect a non-refundable $1,000 deposit before starting any work to ensure our time is protected. 

Q: Can you help me find a van?
A: We can help you source a van if needed, but service fees will apply. If you are from out of state and purchase a van within 100 miles of Reno, NV, we will arrange pick up or delivery for you at no charge

Q: I don't have a van yet, can I still get on the schedule?
A: Absolutely. You'll need to pay the deposit to lock in a time, then it's your responsibility to ensure the van is at our shop 7 days prior to your start date.

Q: How much power do I need?
A: It entirely depends on how many/what kind of devices/appliances you'll be running and charging, as well as the level of electrical functionality you'll need. We'll go over your specific needs in the pre build process to make sure you have all the juice you need to feel at home.

Q: Do you offer financing?
A: Currently we do not, but check back in the future!

Q: What about climate control?
A: We offer both low profile rooftop AC units, and high efficiency gasoline powered powered heaters. Both are highly recommended if you'll be spending lots of time in hot or cold  (AC requires at least 400Ah electrical package)

have a question that's not on the list? fill it in the field below and send it our way!

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Photos by Krissy & Ben Harclerode